Top 5 Reasons to Become a Florida Resident

  • Gary Mitchell
  • 02/11/19
Looking to minimize your tax liability?  Income taxes and death taxes can take a big chunk out of your savings and investments. Not in Florida!
A huge incentive for relocating to Florida is that the State does not collect any individual income tax.
Florida used to collect estate taxes, but due to changes in federal law, Florida phased out the death tax in 2005.  No inheritance tax!
Florida also offers creditor protection. A creditor cannot claim your home to satisfy a debt unless it's the mortgage lender.
Florida offers property tax benefits for primary residents.  Property owners in Florida receive tax breaks by homesteading their property for a portion of their home's value.
The Florida legislature also passed a 3% cap on the assessed value of our property.  This tax cap can be beneficial if you plan to be a long-term residence of Florida.
The State of Florida is such an attractive place to live, many of the top wealth strategists call Florida their home.

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